Insurance Advisory Services

Deutsch Williams has developed a practice group specifically designed to assist its clients in the design, analysis, review and implementation of their insurance programs. The Insurance Advisory Services Group ("IASG") consists of members of our firm that have developed the expertise necessary to advise businesses concerning their insurance programs as well as actively pursue appropriate recoveries in the event of losses.

Unlike more traditional risk management services provided by law firms, the members of the IASG come from all areas of our practice: Real Estate, Corporate, Land Use/Environmental, Employment, Regulatory and Litigation - to combine the resources of the firm in order to fully integrate our clients' insurance programs into their businesses.

Target The Risk
Our unique understanding of how business works, taken from our years of experience in handling the legal affairs of our commercial clients, gives the IASG a perspective on insurance not found in typical risk management analysis. In addition, our ability to "target the risk," – to advise our clients regarding insurance issues that are unique to their business, to enhance their existing insurance program in order to assure a cost-effective approach to the management of their risks, and to enforce the insurance policies should problems arise.

Manage The Risk
Our experience tells us that insurance is only one way to manage risk. Traditionally, insurance has been a cost-effective approach to the transfer of risk, however, in today's marketplace the availability of insurance has become problematic in several areas. Other methods of risk transfer may be preferable due to cost concerns or, from a practical view, the only alternative available. The IASG, either independently or together with its clients' existing risk management team, provides advice regarding financially reasonable alternatives to traditional insurance placements.

Enforce The Contract
Today's insurance marketplace is vastly different than it was even five years ago. Insurers, and their partners, routinely call into question issues that typically would have been of no consequence in the past. This is the result of a departure from traditional underwriting methods and the insurance industry's increasing dependence upon investment income to produce an operating profit. What was once an agreement that resulted in the prompt payment or defense of a claim, has today become merely the suggestion of security.

The IASG is uniquely placed to assist its clients in the enforcement of an insurer's contractual obligations. Even experienced litigators, while having an understanding of what an insurance contact is supposed to do, rarely have the experience required to enforce the contract. The IASG's litigation team, possessing a unique perspective on these issues having represented insurers and insureds for over thirty years, is well-suited to the task of enforcement.

Practicing Attorneys:

James T. Hargrove